Community Outreach

We are strong believers in giving back to the communities we operate in; we dedicate 1% of our revenue to various activities centered around social responsibility because we are part of them, and we care about them.

Floward supports blood drive in preparation for Hajj season

We participated in a blood drive organized by Eithar Organization in collaboration with the Ministry of Health office in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. This annual blood drive aims to collect blood for the Hajj season and the pilgrims. 

As a thank you to donors, we gifted each one a rose with a special gift to donor number 1500 in an effort to increase the number of participants in the campaign.

Floward sponsors Ramdan charity program “Absher”

In Kuwait, Floward sponsored an episode of the TV show “Absher” that aired on Kuwait TV every day in Ramadan. The show aims to raise awareness in an interactive and charitable way. It sheds light on humanitarian issues, topics and the basic needs of citizens and residents and tries to meet them or expedite their provision in cooperation with different charitable and public entities and private companies. 

We contributed to the show by donating to a family in need whose breadwinner lost his job due to the coronavirus pandemic that led to their debt accumulating, Floward’s donation will help the family cover some of its debts and offer them assistance. 

Floward supports Qatar Charity in Ramadan 

Floward partnered with Qatar Charity to support its project “Feed the Fasting” aimed at distributing Iftar meals for people in need starting on May 4th till the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. 

We donated and helped distribute over 4,000 meals to people in need during Ramadan across Qatar.

Floward launches Ramadan “Seed of Hope” campaign in KSA  

Floward launched a Ramadan campaign dubbed “Seed of Hope” across our centres in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where we distributed flowers to people in the public areas and participated in a feed the fasting campaign.  

In Riyadh, we partnered with Ekhaa Charity for Orphans to distribute over 400 food baskets decorated with flowers to individuals and families in need. While in the Eastern Province, we partnered with the Committee for Social Development Um Al-Sahek and helped their team distribute over 300 food baskets and gifts to their program’s beneficiaries with the aim to provide food to families with low and limited income.  

Floward supports charitable projects in Ramadan in UAE

Floward supported the charitable project “Blessings Program” aimed at distributing food baskets for people in need during the Holy Month of Ramadan.  

We donated over 100 baskets that include a wide range of essential food items, and our team helped various charity teams in distributing the baskets across UAE. Additionally, and in preparation for Eid, We will donate over 50 bundles containing clothing, toys and candy for orphans in the Emirate as well.  

Floward celebrates International Women’s Day in KSA

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Floward in KSA collaborated with Saudi Driving School in Riyadh and Sharq Women Driving School in Dammam and distributed over 3000 flowers, card holders and keychains to women receiving their driving licenses on March 8.

Floward donates flowers to the Chelsea Pensioners at The Royal Hospital Chelsea in London

Floward donated 150 bouquets to the Chelsea Pensioners and their dedicated staff in London, as a surprise pick-me-up with the hope that our beautiful bouquets would bring their residents some joy at this difficult time.

Emma Pollock, Head of Communications at the Royal Hospital Chelsea said: “The Chelsea Pensioners and care staff were delighted to receive the flowers from Floward. After such a difficult 12 months caring for our vulnerable veterans it boosted morale and brightened up everybody’s day! Thank you for this thoughtful gesture.”

Saudi National Day at King Salman Social Center

We participated in national day celebrations held at King Salman Social Center for orphans in the presence of their foster families and Dr. Yousef Al-Sayali, Director of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Riyadh. Where our team participated in distributing 300 roses to the orphans and their foster families.

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

We held a campaign for breast cancer awareness in Riyadh Park where a number of doctors gave detailed explanation about the disease, its treatment and early detection. The campaign was met with great interest from the visitors across three days.

Thank You Campaign

During the pandemic, life was difficult on everyone but it was especially hard on our domestic helpers at home. They were not able to travel to their families, go out to see their friends or go shopping; and their workload more than doubled. The campaign aimed to encourage homeowners to show their gratitude to them by gifting them flowers and thanking them for their efforts.

Floward’s Visit to Zain’s Hospital

As part of our “50,000 thank you’s” campaign during the pandemic, we collaborated with Zain’s Hospital to express our appreciation and support to those who are risking their lives everyday to make our world a safe place. And since words are never enough to express such gratitude we used the only way we know best: by flowers!

Mother’s Day

We participated in Mother’s Day celebrations at Sidra Hospital, Bayan Bilingual School, and Yasmeen Association where we distributed bouquets of flowers and single flowers to mothers to bring joy to their hearts and express our appreciation for all the sacrifices they make.

Teacher’s Day

In celebration of Teacher’s Day, we collaborated with the PTA and visited Al-Bayan Bilingual School to pass out single stemmed roses and a customized mug to every teacher at the school. This event was a simple act to show our gratitude and appreciation to teachers for all their hard work in molding our future generations. Thank you, teachers for making a difference every day!